Circuit Marco Simoncelli

End October 2011, the administrative council of the track of Misano has decided unanimously to rename the track in honour of their fellow countryman who quit this life too soon. It’s already the third name this track receives since its creation in 1969. First, it was named Circuito Santamonica, then it was renamed after the nearby town by the sea and today, it is renamed in honour of Marco Simoncelli.

Not only the name has changed, the track itself was also subject to many changes of which the last ones date from 2007, when at the advice of Valentino Rossi and Loris Capirossi, the sense of the track changed to clockwise. Ever since then, the changes have mainly been of the structural kind, such as new tribunes, a new medical centre and a new pitlane, wider and above all with a more secure entrance and exit lanes.

The track has a length of 4.226 meter, which is 800 meters longer than the original one. It has a width of 12 meters and consists out of 12 turns, equally divided between left and right ones (of which 5 consecutive ones). The longest straight line is only 600 meters, so we can easily say this is a very winding track, demanding a lot of braking, a good front stability and maximum grip at angle.

Despite all of this, it still remains a very fast track, the fastest lap time was clocked by Casey Stoner at 1.33.138, which comes down to an average of 163 km/h.
Thanks to its configuration and selectivity, the track is already sure of a MotoGP presence till 2016.