On the day

Report to the Welcome Centre at the indicated time with:

  • your confirmation letter
  • a valid proof of identity

You will have to sign an indemnity form and then you will receive a coloured sticker for your motorcycle. This sticker is needed to get access to the racetrack.

There will be a compulsory briefing in the morning. Presence will be compulsory and will be checked by means of an adhesive sticker on your helmet.

There will be no access to the track for people who do not have this sticker on their helmet!

After that, the meeting point will be in the paddock.

15 minutes before each RUN, please go to the closed park marked with the colour of your group. These closed parks are always situated in the paddock.
Follow the orders of the pit marshals to get out on the track.

 For any further information during the event call

+32 (0) 498 61 67 48

Itineraries on : maps.google.be