Gift Card

Gift Certificates are valid for Bikers’ Days and Bikers'School events.

You can check the rates in “Calendar” or give us a call at +32(0)87539004

A driver’s licence is not compulsory but the participant should have some experience with motorcycles on the street.

To purchase any gift certificate, you have to follow this procedure:

  1. Fill out the online order form and send it through email to
  2. Transfer the money to our account (at the name of Stade 27 : BE48 3631 8080 6727) with as a note “Gift Card + the participant's name.”
  3. as soon as we receive the payment, we will send the personalized certificate to the address you have provided with order.
  4. when the future participant has chosen a date from the calendar that suits him or her, he just has to inform us, together with all his coordinates. That way, his day will be booked for that given date and will receive a confirmation by mail or post about 2 weeks before the actual event takes place.
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