Bikers' Days 10 Dunlop tires purchased, 1 free … until March 15th !

In addition to being the organizer of the Bikers’Days, DG Sport maintains close ties with the tire manufacturer Dunlop, which has earned Theux the status of Dunlop Motorsport Center ! And especially our Bikers can fully benefit from this, as DG Sport now has access to the entire Dunlop ‘Racing’ range, with the famous KR tires.

« And at this level, things continue to move, explains Florian Jupsin, Bike Manager at DG Sport. New sizes are indeed available, namely 125 / 80R17 at the front and 200 / 70R17 at the rear. These tires are identical to those used in several international and national competitions, such as the World Endurance Championship (EWC). Initially, these dimensions will be reserved for riders participating in races but the other dimensions remain of course accessible to all»

In addition to the Dunlop KRs, the Sportmax GP Racer D212 range is particularly appealing to Track-Days fans who are not necessarily looking for that last tenth of a second. The D212, which stands for endurance and performance, all at an affordable price, is also available in a sculpted version, which means it can be used every day on the road.

An offer completed by rain tires, with a rubber identical to that of Moto2, Moto3 and EWC, not to mention the D213 GP, which are in fact sculpted KRs, used in particular in the context of “Road Racing”.

Promo ! 

In order to allow as many people as possible to take full advantage of these different ranges of rubber, DG Sport is launching a particularly tempting pre-season promotion. Judge for yourself: purchase 10 tires and the 11th is offered to you !

Please note: this offer is limited in time, since the order form must be returned before Monday March 15! Forewarned is …

Note that the Dunlop tires ordered can be picked up at the various Bikers’Days events, but also sent wherever you want, for a shipping cost.

In short, you have one week left to fully benefit from this offer by DG Sport and Dunlop …

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