Bikers' Days Insurance

Individual Insurance

It is essential that riders are aware of the significant risks associated with the practice of motorcycling and that they checks that their insurance covers them in the event of an accident on the track, which is not the case with most "standard" contracts.

To be properly insured, several options are available to participants: 

  • Subscribe to a "Training" license with your national federation (check the conditions carefully!) 
  • Take out an insurance through a private insurer
  • Subscribe to the Silver Card (see conditions on

For some trackdays (Valencia...) , riders must provide a proof of insurance BEFORE the trackday.

Please note that the practice of motorbike is not covered by your "European Health Insurance Card" (formerly form E111).

Cancelation Insurance

All our rides riders are able to take out a cancellation and fall insurance when making their reservation. 


  • Reasons for cancellation taken at 100% coverage
    • Physical accident incurred by the insured (traffic accident, on the circuit, domestic … prior to the ride)
    • Illness of the insured 
    • Hospitalisation of the insured 
    • Accident, illness or hospitalisation of a close relative 
    • Death of the spouse, ascendant or descendent to a 1st degree within the 7 days preceding the date of the insured event 
    • Birth of a child or grandchild of the insured occurring within 7 days preceding the day of the ride event 
    • Vehicle entered in the ride, damaged on the road, on the circuit and no longer in working order, and whose repair time does not allow participation on the ride day 
    • Theft of vehicle entered on the ride day 
    • Summoning the insured to a retake exam
    • Summoning of the insured as a juror or witness
    • Theft of identity papers essential to the insured to travel to the riding day 

  • Reasons for cancellation taken at 70% coverage 
    • Professional constraint of the insured
    • Cancellation of the insured’s holiday 
    • Immobilisation of the vehicle following a breakdown or accident (apart from a fuel breakdown) within the 24 hours preceding the riding event 
    • Substantial material damage, occurring after the reservation of the event’s ride, impacting the insured’s home or business premises or farm
    • CANCELLATION DUE TO POOR WEATHER CONDITIONS, valid in the case of bad weather on the day of the ride event or if bad weather is forecast 4 days preceding the day of the ride event  

  • Reasons for a fall at 50% (1)
    • Any fall obliging the rider to abandon his ride (vehicle or rider not operational). The day of the fall is considered to be a loss day. The guarantee and the excess applies to all the ride days still remaining, including the day of the fall. Example: 3 days of riding at 300 € with a fall on day 1: reimbursement of 50% of 300 € = 150 €.

(1) Applicable for all rides and training sessions, excluding competition (time trials, warm-up, race). 


You can take out the fall and cancellation insurance for all our rides. When placing your order in our boutique, you will be able to choose whether you opt to insure your ride or not, by simply checking a box which will directly add the cost of the insurance to your order. Please note that the motorcycle transport is also covered by the insurance. 

*In the event of discrepancy of interpretation or of connotation between the English, Dutch, German and French versions hereunder, the French will be the determining version.

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