Bikers' Days Bikers’Days in Spa: opportunities for coaching!

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is a common thread and the Bikers’Days will once again attract thrill seekers during 2024! Make no mistake, having the chance to ride your motorbike on ‘the most beautiful circuit in the world’ remains a privilege that cannot be refused! 

It is an even more attractive proposition as the Bikers’Days in Spa will be coupled with coaching opportunities. It will allow bikers to improve in their riding while getting to grips with the legendary 7-kilometre ribbon of asphalt. There are several opportunities during the year where Bikers’Coaching and a Smart Coaching are on the bill… 

Bikers’Coaching is the most comprehensive offer. It is designed for track riders who want to improve their abilities. Bikers will have access to a complete package, including 4 sessions with partner, of which two sessions are filmed. Once the rider is back in the pitlane, the video is reviewed, analysed and a debriefing is held. The dates for the Bikers’Coaching are 12 July and 12 August. 

Then there is the Smart Coaching, or the ‘lighter’ formula. It targets riders who are wanting advice, but who do not wish to participate in a full day of training. This formula is particularly suitable for bikers who encounter difficulties on a specific part of the circuit or during a particular phase of riding. Smart Coaching therefore consists of two accompanied sessions, which are filmed. These sessions are then viewed, analysed and a debriefing session is included. The dates for Smart Coaching are 20 May, 17 June, 13 July and 13 August. 

The full program of Bikers’Coaching and Smart Coaching can be found on the website.

It goes without saying that coaching will help you become a better rider. This means that you must first pick which Bikers’Day you want to attend and you can choose the coaching chosen at the time of booking. Please note: places are limited, so word to the wise…get in quick!   


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