Bikers' Days The Bugatti Circuit of Le Mans in the heart of summer

For any self-respecting biker, Le Mans is an unmissable event. The French Grand Prix, the 24 Hours Motorcycles, Sarthe has been closely linked to the history of competitions for many decades. No wonder that DG Sport regularly integrates the famous Bugatti Circuit of Le Mans into the Bikers’Days calendar and loves to go there…

« This will also be the case in 2024, since we will head to Le Mans on Thursday July 18 and Friday July 19, three months after the 24 Hours Motorcycles and two months after the MotoGP, confirms Florian Jupsin, Bike Manager at DG Sport. Remember that the Bugatti Circuit has a length of 4185 meters and uses the central part of the famous 24 Hours Circuit, including the passage of the legendary Dunlop Chicane … »   

Fans of thrills and riding on tracks frequented by the greatest champions, can register their participation in the Bikers’Days at Le Mans via the official website

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