Bikers' Days Bike and equipment


  • Only sports and road models built after 1990 are accepted
  • Registration and insurance are optional
  • Unless otherwise stated, slick tires are allowed
  • Before getting on the track, you will have to remove the mirrors and the license plate holder
  • The headlights must be covered with adhesive canvas
  • Exhaust: please check the noise standards imposed by the circuit
  • GoPro or other on board cameras:
    • the attachment must be secured with cable ties to prevent the camera from flying off if the attachment breaks. The use of cameras on the helmet is prohibited.
    • Some circuits strictly prohibit the use of cameras. This is the case in Misano, Imola and Mugello.


A rider's equipment consists of :

  • Full leather (the two zipped pieces are tolerated)
  • A full face helmet (modular helmets are tolerated)
  • High boots
  • Leather gloves
  • MANDATORY back protection

Other types of textile clothing, even with reinforcements, do not provide sufficient protection in the event of a fall and will automatically be refused.

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