Bikers' Days Warm-up Day at Spa-Francorchamps advanced to Friday April 23

More than one biker thinks winter is definitely too long a season. Initially scheduled for Monday April 26, the first Bikers’Days meeting at the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit will finally arrive faster than expected, as DG Sport formalizes the date of Friday April 23. A few days won …

« As you can imagine, this decision was not just ours, explains Florian Jupsin. Several international events, and even world events, logically have priority on ‘the most beautiful circuit in the world’, and the special circumstances of this start of the year continue to provoke a waltz of dates and calendars. It was therefore no longer possible for us to organize the first Bikers’Day in Spa on April 26th, and in collaboration with the Circuit, we decided to bring it forward a few days, ie Friday April 23rd. »

There are five sessions on the program for this first day on the toboggan of the Ardennes, between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. As usual, there will be four groups, namely “Leisure”, “Fast”, “Very Fast” and “Expert”. Following one of the principles of the organizer from Theux there is something for everyone, the use of transponders guaranteeing homogeneous groups so as to put each rider at ease, whatever their level.

Remember also that the sound limit is set at 100 dB. This Warm-up Day is offered at the unique price of 270 euros.

All you have left to do is check your agenda and go to the official Bikers’Days website , to find all information and formalize your registration. 

See you in Spa… faster than expected!


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